IMG_1678.JPGI thought the balance between activity and just being was just right.


IMG_1635.JPGThey led us through a creative series of art and movement activities that encouraged us to bond with others at the retreat while also exploring our innermost selves.  I felt relaxed, re-energized and joyful.  I was able to hold onto those feelings the following weeks and I still return to the retreat in my mind whenever I need to.


An incomparable experience of being that remains with me still, and always.  Robin and Rosana created a seamless, unforgettable retreat.


DSC01199.JPGIf you don’t like being with the sweetest, funniest, most enthusiastic and interesting women you’ll ever meet, better clean your house that week.


What to say that won’t sound over the top? Food (gush, gush), setting (gush, bliss), asana, movement and yoga nidra (more bliss), art (divine bliss), in a group of smart, sassy women!  A retreat with Robin and Rosana is a definite “Go!”


One of the best weeks of my life.


DSC01184.JPGExcellent attention to details so we would know what to expect.