Our Approach

What you can Expect

This moment, like this life, is the best that could possibly be – this is our approach.

Every retreat is different because the women that come each time collaboratively “cook the “soup” that we create together – our retreat experience.

However, there are some things we always add to the pot. We think these key ingredients bring out the richest, most savory “flavors” in individuals and groups.

Recipe for a Rich Women’s Retreat:

·      Daily mindful movement (yoga, qi gong, dance) (optional)

·      Daily iRest yoga nidra meditations (optional)

·      Art and creativity experiences (optional)

·      Three community meetings during the week (only thing we ask everyone to do)

·      Periods of Shared Silence (optional)

·      3 delicious meals daily (optional)

·      Local nature excursion

       JUST BE!

Put simply, our approach springs out of two transformative daily practices: iRest Yoga Nidra (a guided meditation practice of self inquiry) and expressive creative arts. These two shared experiences in safe space community ground the retreat and foster enormous personal and collective spiritual growth. 

In 10 years of leading women’s retreats we have learned quite a bit about how to create a dynamic, relaxed, inclusive, flexible structure for being together. About half the women who come to our retreats are brand new and the other half are coming back for more of what they received on other retreats with us. We find that within a day, a new group is formed that includes everyone.

We want you to give yourself permission to be as engaged in the classes and other offerings as works for you. We also know how important it is for everyone to be a part of the soul-nourishing community we create together. So there are a few activities each retreat in which we ask everyone to participate (in their own way). 

Finally, there will be a few periods when the whole community will share the deepening power of being in silence surrounded by Mother Nature.